Genomic Information of the Datasets

Here, you will find a brief description of all the protein datasets used in WeCoNET. From this page, users can go directly to the original source of the proteome and download the protein sequences.

Triticum species (susceptible to Common Bunt)

Triticum aestivum is one of the major cereal grains in the world. It is considered as a most important staple food due to its richness in various nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, and minerals. [IWGSC, 2014].
Link to Triticum aestivum dataset: Ensembl Plants

Tilletia species (Infecting Triticum)

Tilletia caries and Tilletia laevis are the closely related fungal species that cause common bunt in wheat, thus leading to huge losses in grain quantity and quality of the crop. [Qin et al., 2020]
Link to T. caries dataset: Ensembl Fungi
Link to T. laevis dataset: NCBI