About citSATdb

The Citrus genus and its associated genera (Poncirus, Microcitrus, Fourtunella and Eremocitrus) are part of Aurantioideae subfamily of Rutaceae family, which is most widely cultivated fruit crop across the world. Molecular marker, such as simple sequence repeats (SSRs) are widely used for marker assisted selection, genetic analysis, mapping of genes and QTL mapping. SSRs, also termed as microsatellite are co-dominant markers and highly polymorphic due to tandem repeats. In the amount of repeats between species or individuals, there are high chances of dissimilarity, which leads to the possibility of high polymorphism between two individuals respectively. citSATDB(Citrus microsattelite database), a web based database contains _______ in-silico predicted markers. Of these __________simple markers and _______compound markes were mined from 6 citrus species. This database will be helpful in designing and applying fresh methods to accelerate crop improvement productivity for breeders or scientists working on citrus species.

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