2021 ASA, CSSA, SSSA International Annual Meeting

Salt Palace Convention Center, Salt Lake City, UT Nov 7-10, 2021

Event details: The researchers of KAABiL group delivered talks on computational biology and machine learning-based research at the Tri-Societies Meetings in Salt Lake City. Raghav Kataria presented his work on prediction of host-pathogen protein-protein interactions using computational approaches in different systems: (i) Alfalfa-Bacterial stem blight, and (ii) Wheat-Common bunt. Naveen Duhan gave talks on DeepNEC (a Deep Learning-based platform for the prediction and classification of Nitrogen metabolism related enzymes), and PySeqRNA (a python package for RNA-Seq analysis).
Andrew presented his work on "DeepAugment": a method to generate training images using deep neural networks to detect weeds.

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