GreeningDB: Host pathogen interactions database of citrus greening disease


Citrus genus comprises some of the most important and commonly cultivated fruit plants. According to FAO the citrus global production is above the 120 million tons and the total acreage is estimated to be over 9 million hectares.

Citrus greening (also known as Huanglongbing or HLB) is a disease spread by an insect called the Asian citrus psyllid ( Diaphorina citri ). Within the last few years, the citrus industry has been heavily affected due to huanglonbing rapid spreading resulting in massive losses estimated over millions of dollars. HLB dont have cure until this date. Many research groups have been working into find a solution to this devasting condition.

Here we present GreeningDB, a database implemented to provide to general audience the annotation of liberibacter proteomes, and a host-pathogen comparactomics tool that we hope could be useful to the community that is pursuing development of molecular-based strategies to mitigate HLB impact.

Host Genomes
Citrus clementina
Citrus sinensis
Citrus reticulata
Pathogen Genomes
Ca. Liberibacter americanus
Ca. Liberibacter asiaticus
Ca. Liberibacter africanus
Comprenhensive list of proteomes used
Protein sequences


Citrus HLB-regulated proteins


Secreted effectors


Host-pathogen interactome comparison